A.G.I.L.E. planning solutions, Inc., is dedicated to partnering with the communities we serve by identifying Common Agendas, Developing Shared Measurements, driving mutually reinforcing activities, engaging in continuous communication, and providing support through way of our backbone organization.

The Vision

Our Goal

To develop and maintain a sustainable eco-system that contributes and safeguards the social innovation, positive transformation, and efficacy of underserved communities.

Sateria Tate-Alexander

Our Founder

Sateria was inspired to network and develop strategies and partnerships designed to improve the Work, Eat, Play quality of life factors of underserved communities.  Raised in the Northern side of East Baton Rouge she was well aware of the differences in opportunities and realities available to these communities. She began her professional career in Information Technology where she developed skills in Project Management, Business/Organization Process Development and Improvement,  Talent Recruitment and Management, Training Development, and a host of other skillsets.